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What we do

Here is a list of the services that our Department provides to the community. It is not all encompassing as there is a lot that we do that is outside the scope of our "normal" duties. Keep in mind that we are not funded through the State or County, but must come up with our own contracts in order to operate.

Contract Patrols

We contract with several towns in the County to provide police services with a set number of hours per month that we are paid to patrol. These towns include:

  • Addison

  • Cornwall

  • Ferrisburgh

  • Leicester

  • Monkton

  • New Haven

  • Orwell

  • Panton

  • Ripton

  • Salisbury

  • Shoreham

  • Starksboro

  • Waltham

  • Weybridge

This service includes the detection and prevention of crime, traffic enforcement, and supplementing other police services.

If you are a resident of one of these towns, please give us a call if there is something we can help you with. If your town is not listed here, we ask that you call the Vermont State Police at (802) 388-4919 first (Or your local PD if you live in Middlebury, Vergennes, or Bristol). Since we are not funded by anything other than the contracts we procure, we are limited in our ability to assist in towns that we do not have contracts with. We will still do our best to help as our time and budget allows.

Child Safety Seat Checks

Sheriff Elmore and Sgt. Crowe are both certified car seat technicians. If you have questions about your child's car seat, would like it inspected, or have a voucher for a seat, please contact our office to set up an appointment to meet with the Sheriff or Sgt. Crowe. For more information on this program, please visit

Court Security

We provide security at the Mahady Courthouse in Middlebury under a contract with the State. Deputies' roles at the court are to run all visitors through a security checkpoint, provide security inside each courtroom, and help each court proceeding run smoothly by assisting the Judges and court staff with whatever they need.


As needed for employment, adoptions, and other non-criminal needs, the Sheriff's Department is available to take fingerprints for you. Please click here to learn more and to schedule an appointment.


We are tasked with providing secure transport to those in the custody of the State of Vermont pre- or post- conviction and when necessary to keep a person from harming themselves or others. This duty is primarily handled by the State paid transport Deputy.


Ever see us at a road construction site or escorting a wide load? This is another role we have that helps keep people safe. Often, the State requires that the Police provide a blue light presence for road construction. This brings extra attention to the need to pay attention while traveling through these zones where men and women are working next to busy roadways. Similarly, the State requires a blue light escort if they determine that an oversized load could benefit from a police presence. Blue lights usually get your attention faster than yellow lights, right? The Sheriff's Department is usually the one filling these necessary roles to keep people alert to the potential hazards. We are often also hired for special events to either provide security or traffic control.

Grant Activities

We participate in grant funded activities through the Governor's Highway Safety Program that targets impaired driving, distracted driving, and occupant protection. This grant is run by the Rutland County Sheriff's Department and we work in partnership with the Vergennes Police Department, Middlebury Police Department, Bristol Police Department, and the Vermont State Police to coordinate our efforts in reducing dangerous and distracted driving.

Civil Process Service

When someone is required to appear in court at the order of civil division of the Superior Court, we serve the paperwork (called Civil Process) on those involved in the hearing. At this time, this is primarily handled by Deputy Gutel.

Vin Verifications

Need to get your VIN verified in order to get your vehicle registered? Please call us at (802) 388-2981 to learn more about how we provide this service and to schedule a time for a deputy to come by. This service is free of charge if you reside in one of our contract towns (see above) but is a $20 charge if you live in a town we do not currently have a contract with.

Solid Waste Complaints

We are contracted by the Addison County Solid Waste Management District to investigate when trash is improperly disposed of. If you are aware of an issue of trash that is being illegally dumped, please give our office a call.

National Forest Patrols

From Memorial Day until the end of September, we are contracted by the National Forest Service to conduct patrols in the Green Mountain National Forest. This includes checking parking, camping, and hiking areas to ensure everyone is enjoying the space safely.

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