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Michael Elmore

Personal Profile

My name is Michael Elmore and I am the 43rd Sheriff of Addison County. I was born in Middlebury and have spent the majority of my life here in Addison County. I graduated from MUHS in 2012 and attended Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC where I earned a degree in Criminal Justice, graduating in 2016. While in college, I spent about 4 years working as a security officer for the University, becoming a Master Patrolman (mid level supervisor). After graduation, I worked as a security guard at the Shelburne museum as well as a Federal security guard through a contractor for various Federal buildings in the northern part of Vermont. In 2017, I married my college sweetheart, Rose, and we began living together in Addison. Shortly before we got married, I started my career in law enforcement after being hired here at the Sheriff's Department. I attended the Level 2 (or "part time") certification course in June of 2017, and continued my training over the next few months. In February of 2018, I attended the level 3 (or "full-time") 16-week certification course at the Police Academy in Pittsford. After graduating from there in May of 2018, I hit the ground running. I was promoted to Corporal in February of 2019 which gave me more responsibilities, including supervising other deputies. In December of 2019, I received a promotion to Sergeant. On February 1, 2023, I was sworn in as Sheriff.




National Sheriff's Institute -

Leadership Development

"The NSI course is intended to prepare first-term sheriffs for success and to strengthen the leaderships skills of elected sheriffs" - National Sheriff's Institute


VT Police Academy

105th Basic Class

A 16 week paramilitary style police academy designed to shape recruits into police officers through classroom instruction, practical hands-on scenarios, and team building exercises to develop relationships. I was also selected to receive the Gaiotti Award which is given to the recruit who demonstrated honesty, loyalty and enthusiasm for the law enforcement profession.


Bob Jones University

I received a 4 year bachelor of science degree in Criminal Justice


Middlebury Union High School

I attended high school right here in Middlebury and was part of the National Honors Society upon graduation.

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